Top 3 Upgrades To Consider For A Mini Kitchen Renovation

Has your kitchen lost its appeal? On the off chance that you feel that your kitchen isn’t as alluring or as useful as it used to be, then, at that point, a smaller than usual kitchen renovations might be what you need.

Presently, don’t misunderstand the thought – a little kitchen renovation is nothing similar to a full kitchen renovation. In contrast to a full renovation, a little kitchen renovation includes refreshing just certain components of your kitchen. A small scale renovation will likewise permit you to utilize your kitchen during the renovation and it will not cost you anyplace close to the expense of full kitchen renovations.

In any case, which elements of your kitchen should your update? How about we take a gander at the latest things.

As indicated by SBS 2021 Australia Kitchen Trends Study, benchtops, cupboards, and fixtures are the most ordinarily overhauled highlights in a kitchen. SBS reports that of all mortgage holders who further developed their kitchen last year, 95% renovated their benchtops, 93% overhauled their cupboards and 88% refreshed their fixtures and bathroom designs. Today, I’ll we’ll investigate these upgrades.


In case there’s one component that can represent the deciding moment of the appearance of your kitchen, it is your benchtop. It’s very simple to update your benchtop without upsetting different provisions of your kitchen.

Cover and stone are well-known materials you can consider for your new benchtop. While stone benchtops are undeniably more sumptuous and alluring than overlay benchtops, the stone isn’t generally the best decision. In such a case, you can discover cover benchtops accessible in extraordinary designs that offer appealing regular stone-looking completions.

For quality stone and cover benchtops in Australia, consider the reach accessible at SBS. We offer stone benchtops and overlay benchtops in an assortment of designs that are ideal for smaller than normal kitchen renovations in kew and offer bathroom designs.


There’s no rejecting that cupboards possess a great deal of visual space in any kitchen. By giving your cupboards a renovation, you can totally change the look and the usefulness of your space.

While certain individuals feel that refacing or repainting kitchen cupboards works is similarly comparable to an update, it isn’t correct. Cupboards wear out with time and repainting an exhausted bureau will not make it any more utilitarian – particularly if you don’t further develop the design by the same token.

Preassembled cupboards are the most ideal decision for smaller than normal kitchen renovations. They are conveyed prepared for introduction, which implies you complete your whole renovation at the end of the week’s time. Look at the scope of preassembled kitchen cupboards and bathroom designs at SBS. Our cupboards highlight the best principles of value, and they are intended to offer simple establishment.

Taps and other pipes installations

In case you’re not intending to change the situating of your lines and plumbing, then, at that point renovations, your taps and different installations are one more incredible approach to give your kitchen another look in the blink of an eye by any stretch of the imagination. You’ll be amazed to realize that undesigning tapware is extremely basic and it tends to be done in a couple of hours.

Contingent upon the style of your space and your kitchen frill, apparatuses and cupboards, pick new tapware appropriately. Taps and plumbing installations are accessible in a scope of customary, current and contemporary designs. Pick something that will give your space a new and up-to-date look.

For a broad assortment of tapware and plumbing apparatuses in Australia, look no farther than SBS. From kitchen sink blender taps to pull-out bowl taps and hey rise taps, bathroom designs we offer everything. These are successes at our online store and are ideal for scaled-down kitchen renovations. Check out here