Serve Beer The Way It\\\’s Meant To Be Served: In Customized Pint Glasses

Common Man’s Drink, Beer:

Beer, it is the drink of the common man, ask anyone what drink they like to have after coming back from a long day at work, they would say beer. Beer is such a phenomenal drink, whether you agree with it or not, but nothing beats good, crisp flavoured and chilled beer. The thing about beer is, it is not too complex as a drink, it is plain simple goodness packed that would cool you down after exhausting yourself from your job. 

The thing about beer is, everyone can enjoy beer, no matter their class or status, beer is everyone’s favorite. It is great for parties, college parties have so much of it that you cannot miss having beer while growing up. It is so popular in college parties that people have come up with games for beers like beer pong for instance. It is good for a game night, when your favorite teams are at it on the screen, you can enjoy some snacks and a chilled glass of beer.

Presentation Matters, Serve Beer in Pint Glasses:

We can go on about beer but let us look at presentation. Of course, you can drink beer out of a bottle or can, that is just how it is done commonly. But traditionally, beer is served in engraved glasses in Australia. They are specialized large glasses to hold enough beer to last for a while. But if you really want the best beer experience, you need to serve it in pint glasses. These glasses are large and tall and holds up to 473-500 ml of beer in them. Pint itself is a unit of measurement and in the UK the law dictates that draft beer is to be served in pint glasses to know that it is indeed a pint of beer in the glass.

Here is why pint glasses are the best way to serve beer:

Perfect Measurement and Shape:

Since a pint measures around 500 ml of beer, it makes pint glasses the perfect vessels to serve. These glasses are meant to give one the filling of beer that would satisfy the person fully. These are shaped like a tube that is expanding towards the mouth from which you can take satisfactory gulps of the beer you love and like.

Aroma Release:

The shape of the pint glasses allows carbonation of beer when served in them through tap. The carbonation allows the aroma of the beer to fill the air and nostrils of the beer drinker while he is sipping on it. It also gives a really good presentation of the beer head or froth that comes forth from the carbonation of the beer. The sign of a good beer is the fizz Stache that is formed after you drink it from a pint glass.

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